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The Transformer Method Vol. 2: An 8 Week Workout & Nutrition Plan

The Transformer Method Vol. 2: An 8 Week Workout & Nutrition Plan

This e-book will not only cover the TRANSformer Method but will also provide you with a philosophy to help you progress with the program and a diet plan designed to help you achieve the body you've always desired. As a beginner's guide, this program is specifically tailored for transgender individuals embarking on their fitness journeys, taking into account the unique physical and emotional challenges that you may encounter. 

I've personally spent over 60 hours meticulously updating this guide to provide you with an e-book that's bigger, better, and packed with even more value, check out what's new below.

What's New in Volume 2

Updated Workouts with Instructional Videos: Maximize your performance with revamped workouts that align with cutting-edge research in hypertrophy and functional training. Plus, new instructional videos are like having a personal trainer right in your pocket!

Enhanced Nutritional Guidance: Step up your diet game with an exclusive grocery guide, making healthy eating simpler than ever.

Expertly-Cited Research: Additional citations (17 in total), giving you the confidence to train smarter.

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